Kangaroo Court

Season 2, Episode 14
The U.S.Government asks Kovac to protect a movie star at the annual Cannes Film Festival.. . .
Starring Charles Bronson, Don Gordon, George Wallace and Dennis Patrick.

Fragment of a Murder

Season 2, Episode 13
Mike is talked into helping a con man prove a man shot in a burglary was actually innocent. . . .
Starring Charles Bronson, James Flavin, Jesse White and Doris Singleton.

Hot Ice Cream

Season 2, Episode 12
A young amateur photographer helps Kovac investigate a murder that occurred at an amusement park owned by her father.
Starring Charles Bronson, Yvonne Craig, Roscoe Ates and Lawrence Tierney.


Season 2, Episode 11
To gain evidence on an arson ring,Kovac poses as an arsonist and joins the gang. . . .
Starring Charles Bronson, James Flavin, Stacy Harris and Charles Horvath.

The Picture War

Season 2, Episode 10
After several murder wittneses meet with deadly accidents, Mike Kovac uses his camera to apprehen the killer. . .
Starring Charles Bronson, James Flavin, Dolores Donlon and Johnny Seven.