Girl in the Dark

Season 2, Episode 8
Mike takes pictures of a crooked gambler. Later he also takes pictures of the gubernatorial candidate who vows to put the gambler out of business if elected. But then his negatives are stolen. . .
Starring Charles Bronson, James Flavin, Gregory Morton and Hugh Sanders.

Live Target

Season 2, Episode 7
Mike is hired by the District Attorney to help protect the life of an important witness. . .
Starring: Charles Bronson, Jimmy Lydon, Gavin MacLeod and Robert Carson.


Season 2, Episode 6
When a police officer`s wife goes missing, Mike believes the woman was abducted when she accidentally became involved with smugglers at the Mexican border.. . .
Starring Charles Bronson, Steve Brodie, Wendell Holmes and Robert Christopher.

The Positive Negative

Season 2, Episode 5
A nightclub photographer asks Mike for help. . .
Starring Charles Bronson, James Flavin, Anthony Caruso and Susan Cummings.

Black Light

Season 2, Episode 4
A police detective asks Mike's help in documenting payoffs. . .
Starring Charles Bronson, James Flavin, Ann Baker and John Pickard.

The Man Below

Season 2, Episode 3
A woman arranges to have her husband murdered in order to collect his life insurance by having him beaten and thrown down a mine shaft, but her plans go awry when a rescue crew, courtesy of Mike's camera, finds he is alive. . .
Starring Charles Bronson, Patricia Donahue, Frank Gerstle and Edd Cramer.

Eye Witness

Season 2, Episode 2
A man is photographed right in the act of robbing a restaurant and killing a waitress.. . .
Starring Charles Bronson, James Flavin, Douglas Dick and Marian Collier.

The Killer

Season 2, Episode 1
While Mike is at an airport in a small town, a man tries to kill him . .
Starring Charles Bronson, Lawrence Dobkin, Bek Nelson and I. Stanford Jolley.

The Big Squeeze

Season 1, Episode 15
An old schoolmate of Mike is gunned down in front of Anton's shop. . .
Starring Charles Bronson, Ludwig Stössel, May Wynn and Robert Osterloh.

Mute Evidence

Season 1, Episode 14
Mike is invited out to a retired doctor's farm, but when he gets there he discovers that the doctor is missing . . .
Starring Charles Bronson, Sue George, Simon Scott and Rachel Ames.

Face of Murder

Season 1, Episode 13
Curious about what made a ruthless killer who's been convicted of five murders, Mike enters the state prison to get a photograph and interview with the man before his execution.. . .
Starring Charles Bronson, Phillip Pine, Jay Barney and Yvette Vickers

The Last Portrait

Season 1, Episode 12
Mike sneaks into the guarded apartment of a visiting Arab dignitary, only to find him dead, after which he is hit over the head and accused of his murder. . . .
Starring Charles Bronson, Virginia Field, Joe Flynn and Booth Colman.

Lady on the Loose

Season 1, Episode 11
The overprotected daughter of a European millionaire feels stifled by her chaperones and asks Mike for help in eluding them so she can see the town.. . .
Starring Charles Bronson, Ludwig Stossel, Judith Braun and Ivan Triesault

Six Faces of Satan

Season 1, Episode 10
During a heat wave, a mob forms to go after a local hoodlum when a girl claims that a man attacked her.. . .
Starring Charles Bronson, Ludwig Stossel, Harry Dean Stanton and Linda Lawson.

Two Strings of Pearls

Season 1, Episode 9
Mike agrees to cover a garden party in Rome and meets a woman who is using a different name than when first encountered each other on a trans-Atlantic flight four years earlier. . . .
Starring Charles Bronson, Audrey Dalton, King Calder and Alberto Morin

Blind Spot

Season 1, Episode 8
Mike travels to Lisbon in Europe to investigate the murder of an old war buddy photographer. . .
Starring Charles Bronson, Ludwig Stossel, Mario Alcalde and Chana Eded.

Another Barrier

Season 1, Episode 7
Mike takes an assignment doing a story on a U.S. Air Force jet pilot. When the pilot doesn't return on schedule from a test flight, his fiancé is convinced he's died,. . .
Starring Charles Bronson, Norma Crane, Grant Williams and Peter Walker.

Double Negative

Season 1, Episode 6
On a tip from a free-lance reporter, Mike takes a picture of a woman, and finds that she very strongly resembles a woman whose murder a man has been arrested for... . .
Starring Starring Charles Bronson, Frank Faylen, Don Durant and Tracey Roberts


Season 1, Episode 5
Mike takes pictures of a crooked gambler. Later he also takes pictures of the gubernatorial candidate who vows to put the gambler out of business if elected. But then his negatives are stolen. . .
Starring Charles Bronson, Phyllis Avery, Ludwig Stossel and Dennis Patrick.

Closeup on Violence

Season 1, Episode 4
Kovac takes a crowd shot at a fire scene, inadvertently recording the daughter of an aged mobster, hiding out in a tough neighborhood. . . .
Charles Bronson, Angie Dickinson, Ludwig Stossel and Robert Armstrong.

Profile of a Killer

Season 1, Episode 3
Mike is taken hostage after a bank holdup in which the owner is killed. . . .
Starring Charles Bronson, Tom Pittman, James Chandler and Russell Collins

The Warning

Season 1, Episode 2
Mike is forced by two masked men to take a photo of a man just as he is being killed. The police ask Mike to let them spread the word that he can identify the killers. . .
Starring Charles Bronson, Ludwig Stossel, Berry Kroeger and Robert Ellenstein.

Second Avenue Assassin

Season 1, Episode 1
Mike learns that a young boxer's recent fights have been fixed by a mobster, and that he is expected to throw the next fight. S
Starring Charles Bronson, Tom Laughlin, Theodore Marcuse and Ruta Lee.